Before & After Photos – Taken Years & Years & Years Apart

First find a picture of yourself taken when you were a child, then – once you are a fully grown adult – retake the same picture and juxtapose it with the original… and this is what you get.

The full reel of images appears after the break – take a look below, some of them are amazing.

Check out Fipi Lele’s Twitter Page for more awesome posts like this one.

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Beautiful Playing Cards by Monja Gentschow (Available from Ignant)

A deck of playing cards designed and produced very attractively and sold on a website called Ignant.

Ignant is a German website, here a Google Translate of the About page:

ignant is a blog about the culture of the perfectly formed matter. With care and effort suggests its creator, Poloczek Clemens, in the context of art, architecture, design and photography is a bridge from this world into a virtual physical universe of special things.”

It’s nice to think these playing cards embody “a bridge from this world into a virtual physical universe of special things”.

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The True Cost of an iPhone

Here’s some information about the true costs involved in manufacturing iPhones. The info tells of the environmental impacts of creating Apple’s number 1 mobile device and what consumers could do to help reduce this.

Like the whole MBAonline site, this MBAonline post is really well designed and hangs together nicely as you scoll through the information. As you scroll down the page an image of a smartphone follows you down connecting each section along the way.

At the bottom of the page you can find sources for the data used in the post.

If you want to email Apple about this topic send mail to – or read more here.

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Lift Correctly Or Something Embarassing Might Happen!

I don’t think this was the intended meaning of the sign but – albeit childish – it’s hard not to find it even a little bit amusing.

It even comes complete with the person waving there hand behind them in order to defuse the unwanted odour!

So if you don’t want to find yourself in an embarrassing situation in your place of work: remember to lift correctly.

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Snijlab’s ‘Bendable Wood’ Note Pad

The guys over at Snijlab (website is Dutch) have come up with some incredible designs made from laser cut sheets of birch ply wood. Among them is this A7 note pad cover.

The hinge is made by lots of fine laser cuts which allow the wood to be bent over on itself – insert a replaceable note pad and there you have it! Check out there blog post about the notepad design here. You can buy them via their website too.

Check out their note pads on Boing Boing here, and Hyperbeast here, and tumblr posted tagged with ‘snijlab’ here.

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World Record Breaking Stop-Frame Short Animation Filmed on a Nokia N8 (Title: Gulp, Studio: Aardman)

Aardman make fantastic animations (Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run to name just two), this short film is no exception. They took a crane to the beach, three Nokia mobile phones, and a bunch of sand arts, mix these together with the Aardman production team and came up with this… The Largest Stop-Motion Animation Set.

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Feltronics by HackerSpace Charlotte

A blend of textiles, electronics, and education… Making electronics more accessible and easier to learn, HackerSpace Charlotte have come up with a brilliant entry for the Element14 Great Global Hackerspace Challenge. The brief for the challenge is to build an electronics project that serves some educational purpose. HSC’s entry is called ‘Feltronics‘ – check out their website. Their whole project revolves around making electronics more interesting and engaging for students through the use of felt. Continue reading

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