Molotov Jukebox, London based “GypStep” band

Citing influences such as gypsy, ska, funk, dubstep, flamenco, house, electro, pop, reggae, and soul, this is the new band Molotov Jukebox. Their first single, Laid to Rest, was recorded at RAK Studios and released on  November 10th – you can buy it at Amazon, from their myspace, and on itunes.

They’ve got a great live band sound which has helped them to quickly gain a strong and loyal following from this summer’s festival scene having played at festivals including Green Man Festival, Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party.

Check out the official video to their debut single, by Marco Sanderman of irregularfilmsLaid to Rest

About psyft

Ps-y-ft (si-fu-t) v. 1. Something a little bit different, 2. Random interest 3. To dredge through and extract 4. To pan for digital trinkets 5. Trawling the internet's seabed for whatever web-based plankton we can find. 5. Perusing the internet's shelves 5. Looking sideways.
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