Acoustic Artworks by Voice Associates

The problem of excessive background noise in public spaces, especially places like restaurants and cafes, is a common one. Acoustic Artworks by Voice Associates offer a solution.Think how many times you’ve heard people say that the noise was awful while they’d tried to enjoy a meal somewhere. Often the restaurant’s food is amazing but the clanging and banging detracts from the customer’s overall enjoyment. Modern design doesn’t lend itself to solving this problem either: large surfaces made of glass, chromed metal, granite, marble, geometric designs, open plan kitchens, all these things make the problem worse. And what is really interesting is that many of these business owners don’t realise they can overcome this problem with relatively little outlay.

Any space could have it’s acoustics problems rectified. Panels are either covered with a reproduction of any artwork you desire, or covered in something to make them compliment the already existing decor. Behind the artwork are hi tech acoustic panels, each one designed specifically for its location and dependant on what it is being used to combat. Most frequently absorbers, diffusers, and reflectors are what is to be found inside the paneling. So it is possible to improve the acoustics and aesthetics of a space all at once – two birds, one stone.

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