Damien Walters – ‘Tumbler’ Extrodinaire

Watch Damien Walters 2009 & 2010 show reels. He is a British Gymnast who specialises in Tumbling. The music behind both show reels isn’t up to much so you might want to hit the silent button. But with that criticism (our only criticism) out of the way, this is the most incredible stuntman/tumbling/parkour/free-running footage one the net. He was signed to the same stunt agent as Jackie Chan. He’s worked on film’s like Kick Ass, Hell Boy II, and Ninja Assassin.

Here is the 2009 show reel. We liked:

0:57 – While doing a series of flips he simultaneously removes his t-shirt and trousers.

1:18 – A series of spinning flips with a backwards facing crouched vault 7 foot high!

1:33 – Stationary back flip water bottle drinking combo

1:53 – Back flip from seating cross legged.

And here is the 2010 show reel. We liked:

0:42 – Front flip to bench sit

0:58 – While doing a series of flips he puts on his trousers and sweater

1:21 – Jumps from mezzanine to trampoline and back up to mezzanine.


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