The Joy of Viral Adverts

What do a target market want or need? That is the most important question to ask when marketing anything. After the break we’ve chosen a bunch of examples of how best to market various things using such tools as; sofas, LED’s, beds, and Air Force One

Selling low cost furniture to people requires nothing more than a memorable and funny video, so it’s our pleasure to introduce an advert by The Red House Furniture Store in High Piont, North Carolina:

The next video advertises Sumsung’s LED TV’s but doesn’t use any televisions, nor for that matter does it use any mention of anything relating to televisions. Instead they use sheep wrapped in LED blankets and some clever camera work – creating an LED display of sorts!

At the Bensons for Beds warehouse in Tewksbury (UK) they came up with a very simple yet effective advert: they attempt a world record while making some fun camcorder footage too. See what you think:

And then lastly,  Marc Ecko at‘s video where we see him tagging the president of America’s private jumbo jet, Air Force One:

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