He Who Owns the Space by Ben Williams

Made in the UK in 2010 this mockumentary follows a young aspirational theatre director called Adrian Fairhurst. The film was runner up in the best comedy category at this year’s UK student film festival.

During the 9 minute short film we see him doing various pieces to camera, some inside his flat and some outside in Oxford city. Adrian is portrayed as a caricature of a naive, aloof, pretentious, acedemic Oxford arts graduate.

The subject of his play, which Adrian tells us about while standing on some grass in Oxford University Park, is worth appreciating. The dialogue throughout the piece is outstanding and the way in which it is delivered compliments it fantastically.

Here’s a good piece of dialogue spoken by Adrian, to pick one chunk out of many:

“When an audience comes to one of my productions, what they see is not a show per se, but, an idea on the stage, experimental idea theatre, “ideatre”, the theatre of ideas…”

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