The Mulberry Bayswater Bag & The Apple iPad Computer

The Bayswater women’s shoulder bag from Mulberry is a 750gbp item. The iPad is an Apple tablet computer costing 430gbp.

At Psyft we don’t know that much about computers and we know even less about women’s shoulder bags, but we find it hard to see how a leather bag can cost 300 sheets more than a compact high speed computer tablet.

An iPad is made to a high standard using some of the most cutting edge computer technology. To get this product to ‘perform’ for Apple, crudely put, it has to make them a profit after paying for its manufacturing costs while also paying back some of its R&D costs.

Getting a leather bag to market involves the cost of sourcing the material and labour while paying for branding and advertising. Its a much more rudimentary process. And don’t forget Apple have to think about branding and advertising as all companies do.

Simply put Apple and Mulberry have mostly the same tasks at hand (materials, labour, distribution, sales, etc) but Apple have to contend with the ever changing nature of computers where Mulberry’s technology has remained unchanged since people worked out how to produce leather products.

Its like the one that got away. Most other leather bags have to make do with being bought at a price that reflects their cost of production and keeping their pricing as competitive as possible. Market leading computer technology companies have to do this too. But in the case of the Bayswater bag from Mulberry, we’ve found something that has slipped through the net and has managed to change hands for a price that is only justified by the eye of the beholder.

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