TokyoFlash Japan Alternative Time Telling

Wrist watches with a difference from TokyoFlash Japan… Not the quickest nor the easiest way to tell the time but nevertheless at Psyft we thought these were worth a mention. The watches are accessories first and time pieces second. You have to slightly relearn how to tell the time. Check out their website to see how its done. Its not hard to understand and the watches are very cool. Click the image below to look at how to read the time…

About psyft

Ps-y-ft (si-fu-t) v. 1. Something a little bit different, 2. Random interest 3. To dredge through and extract 4. To pan for digital trinkets 5. Trawling the internet's seabed for whatever web-based plankton we can find. 5. Perusing the internet's shelves 5. Looking sideways.
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