Rastamouse And Da Easy Crew

From one stop-motion animation (see previous post) to a totally different stop-motion animation. This is the BBC series Rastamouse, take a look at the intro sequence….

Written by Genevieve Webster and Michael De Souza, directed by Derek Mogford, produced by Greg Boardman & Eugenio Perez……and starring Reggie Yates as Rastamouse, Sharon Duncan-Brewster as Scratchy, William Vanderpuye as Zoomer, and Cornell John as President Wensley Dale, the series is about a Reggae band called Rastamouse And Da Easy Crew. They spilt their days between playing reggae at Nuff Song recording studios and fighting crime in Mouseland. In the first episode (Da Crucial Plan) all the cheese gets stolen so President Wensley Dale enlists the help of Rastamouse to track it down  because all the baby mice are starting to get hungry.

The series has faced criticism because some people think it is racist and subversive and encourages children to use slang, specifically Jamacian Patois, using phrases like “wag-warn”, “irie”, and “me tink me know who de t’ieving mouse may be”. Anyway, have a look at some examples of the journalistic tosh being churned out here, and here.

If you’re in the UK watch the series on BBC iPlayer, and if you’re not based in the UK you could get yourself a program like FoxyProxy then watch them on iPlayer.

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2 Responses to Rastamouse And Da Easy Crew

  1. serenasnoad says:

    it’s a great show but you’re right, it was only a matter of time til the newspapers started weighing in on it… have you seen the comments on mumsnet?!

    • psyft says:

      Just had a look on mumsnet and this has to be one of the most ridiculous comments: princessparty Thu 03-Feb-11 22:23:41 “no can’t stand it .We don’t know any black people let alone rastafarians so my DC can’t identify with it at all, and I certainly don’t want them talking like that!”

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