A Bowler Widcat From BAE Systems With Love

Oxford University‘s Department for Engineering Science is the owner of a very special car. Not only have they been given a Bowler Wildcat (successor to the Bowler Tomcat), they have been given one that has been modified by BAE Systems engineers to be capable of demonstrating aspects of our driving future. Before discussing that, here is a good introduction to the standard Wildcat taken from the British TV show Top Gear:

So with a 0 – 60mph of around 4.6 seconds, the ability to have a ten ton weight placed on its roof with no negative effects, and unbeatable off-road handling, this car is a bit of a show stopper. Now for the extra clever bit…

BAE Systems have invested over a million pounds on this project. To quote the Oxford University Department of Engineering Science Bowler Wildcat article featured on their website:

“The Wildcat vehicle is a 4×4 off-road production car from Bowler, modified by BAE System’s engineers. The vehicle is equipped with computer controlled steering servos, an extra braking system and a hotline into the vehicle’s engine management system for speed control. In addition, wireless data links, GPS and laser ranging sensors were installed so that the Wildcat could receive instructions, navigate and avoid hitting obstacles.

If you’re ever in Oxford city you might be lucky enough to see it as some people have done so describing it as half Land Rover and half bat mobile. And lets wait and see what happens to Bowler’s next car, the Bowler Nemesis.

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