Georgie M’Glug – English Photographer

Georgie is a London-based photographer who graduated in 2006 with a degree in English Literature and Creative Arts. She has produced some inspiring photography concerned with human nature, prowess, freedom, identity, the self, and body image. Take a look at her website. She has also photographed with Florence + The Machine and Laura Marling during the 2010 Latitude Festival.

Recently she held an exhibition entitled Scrutiny at Shades of Art, a gallery on London’s Battersea Park Road. She has an incredible array of work available on her Flickr stream.

There is also a fantastic interview with the artist on where Georgie talks about her work, and what she is trying to achieve, as well as where she gets her inspiration.

About psyft

Ps-y-ft (si-fu-t) v. 1. Something a little bit different, 2. Random interest 3. To dredge through and extract 4. To pan for digital trinkets 5. Trawling the internet's seabed for whatever web-based plankton we can find. 5. Perusing the internet's shelves 5. Looking sideways.
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