Before & After Photos – Taken Years & Years & Years Apart

First find a picture of yourself taken when you were a child, then – once you are a fully grown adult – retake the same picture and juxtapose it with the original… and this is what you get.

The full reel of images appears after the break – take a look below, some of them are amazing.

Check out Fipi Lele’s Twitter Page for more awesome posts like this one.

Taken from Fipi Lele's Twitter Page


About psyft

Ps-y-ft (si-fu-t) v. 1. Something a little bit different, 2. Random interest 3. To dredge through and extract 4. To pan for digital trinkets 5. Trawling the internet's seabed for whatever web-based plankton we can find. 5. Perusing the internet's shelves 5. Looking sideways.
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