Dictionary Definition:

Ps-y-ft (sft) v. 1. To look for something out of the ordinary, 2. To possess general interest in variety 3. To dredge through uploaded flotsam 4. To pan for online gold 5. To trawl the seaweb-bed . 5. To peruse the internet’s display cases 6. To enjoy looking sideways.

Etymology of psyft:

“Psy” – First half of the prefix “psych” meaning something relating to soul or mind, such as Psychology, relating to the science that deals with mental process and behaviour. And “ft” is the abbreviation of ‘featuring’ often used in album track listings.

Here at Psyft we cover Culture, Technology, Photography, Music, Art, Events, and all sorts of miscellaneous content. And remember, if you think you’ve found anything that might interest us send it over – you might find your content and name on our site.


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