Green Beer Called Sign Of Spring From Stonehenge Ales

This is a pint of green ale bought by one of our readers in their local pub… It is a beer called Sign of Spring by Stonehenge Ales and we’re told reliably it tasted pretty much just like a normal pint of traditional English ale – although we think we need to verify that for ourselves. Its also apparently made green during the brewing process, as opposed to afterwards by just adding food colouring.

Even if it doesn’t taste remarkably different as it looks, we love the novelty effect and reckon their should be more crazy coloured beers in circulation…

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Help Japan Print By Rob Dobi (In Aid Of The Japanese Earthquake)

He has designed a print and all the profits will go to the disaster recovery effort in Japan. This image is a triumph.

Here is a link to his Tumblr site. It’s filled with loads of brilliant T-Shirts including ‘Ghost Hunter’ for which he won an award over at Design by Humans.

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Belly Flop Off A Bridge, Meant To Be A Front Flip – Ouch!

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NES Controller Modified Into A Mobile Phone

We’ve found a couple of links to instructions on how to make an original NES controller into a mobile phone using a Nokia 3200 or a Motorola C168. From what we can gather Sam Garfield did it first, but Neodudeman managed to come up with the idea totally independently as well. If nothing else you should check out this video to see how it’s done. Nice idea guys. 

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Brian Cox ‘Wonders of the Universe’ Spoof from Rebel Virals

Professor Brain Cox (OBE) currently has a series showing on the BBC on Sunday nights. It’s a fantastic look at the universe explained in a way that most people can understand. But these viral voice overs are hilarious and well worth a few minutes of your time… 

If you want to know more about the makers of the videos visit their website at

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Georgie M’Glug – English Photographer

Georgie is a London-based photographer who graduated in 2006 with a degree in English Literature and Creative Arts. She has produced some inspiring photography concerned with human nature, prowess, freedom, identity, the self, and body image. Take a look at her website. She has also photographed with Florence + The Machine and Laura Marling during the 2010 Latitude Festival.

Recently she held an exhibition entitled Scrutiny at Shades of Art, a gallery on London’s Battersea Park Road. She has an incredible array of work available on her Flickr stream.

There is also a fantastic interview with the artist on where Georgie talks about her work, and what she is trying to achieve, as well as where she gets her inspiration.

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A Bowler Widcat From BAE Systems With Love

Oxford University‘s Department for Engineering Science is the owner of a very special car. Not only have they been given a Bowler Wildcat (successor to the Bowler Tomcat), they have been given one that has been modified by BAE Systems engineers to be capable of demonstrating aspects of our driving future. Before discussing that, here is a good introduction to the standard Wildcat taken from the British TV show Top Gear:

So with a 0 – 60mph of around 4.6 seconds, the ability to have a ten ton weight placed on its roof with no negative effects, and unbeatable off-road handling, this car is a bit of a show stopper. Now for the extra clever bit… Continue reading

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